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What your customers see if you don't have a website
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What your customers see if you have a website

You need an amazing website

We can try to approach it with nicer words, but no matter how we look at it, a company that doesn’t have a website can’t be taken seriously anymore. When someone searches for a keyword, they usually do it on Google and even if they find your company name, find a Facebook or Instagram page, they simply won’t choose you, because they will think:

They couldn’t even pay for a website. What can they give me?“.

There is no fairy tale, every business needs a website, the question is how long it takes to get there and how demanding the page is, and how much searchers like it. There are a lot of people creating websites, so it’s quite easy to get confused, so we’ll show you the fastest and at the same time no frills solution:

What do you get for your money?

An extremely fair service from a reliable and demanding company.

In more detail:

We order the domain name and hosting of your choice, make the necessary background settings, build your introductory website, perform search engine optimization and even create a unique email address for you.

In much more detail:

  • We will order your domain name and hosting
  • We make the necessary PHP settings and install the necessary modules for WordPress in the background of the page
  • We use premium plugins (like Elementor Pro) to build your website, which consists of a main page and a contact page
  • We optimize the site for mobiles and tablets, i.e. for all devices that your visitors can visit
  • We compress the images you send to a suitable size so that Google likes your website
  • We will write the textual content you create to be optimized for search engines and prepare your one-keyword SEO settings
  • We will create a unique email address instead of Gmail
  • We guarantee the appearance of your website forever


That sounds like a fair offer, doesn’t it?

How can you order it?

Fill up the form
Send images and contents in answer for our email
You transfer the service fee
Voilá! Next day you can get you brand-new website

A business must react immediately to changes in the market

As an entrepreneur, we don’t have time to be idle, every hour is vital and we need every customer in order to improve our business from experience.

In this fast-paced world, you have to pay close attention to trends, and the online space is the only place where you can get the answer to everything immediately. That is why, as the head of a business, we have to think about how we will make our potential customers aware of the existence of our business as early as step 0, and what channels we will use to address them.

Without a quality website, we have no chance against the big fish.

Web N Drop brings the luxury that any business can start making money with its online interface the very next day, thus avoiding the risk of market trends changing during the development period.

Mark Benkovits
CEO & Designer

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Work with us lasts until you say it’s perfect. We never hand over half-finished work or a website that the customer didn’t immediately fall in love with.

For us, the most important aspect is the satisfaction of our customers, this is the strongest feedback we can receive as a web designer. That’s why we never give below 100%.

10 arguments in favor of our services

The fastest solution in the market

Get your own website for tomorrow

If your order arrives on weekdays by 2:00 p.m., we can guarantee that we will provide you with the following until 11:59 p.m. the following day:

  • We will order the domain name you selected and add it to the hosting
  • To use WordPress, we install the essential modules and the background settings
  • We will build your introduction website with a main page and a contact subpage using Elementor Pro
  • We make the site responsive, i.e. mobile-friendly, so that it provides the same experience on all devices
  • We compress and optimize the images used
  • We proofread the text content on the page and make it seo-friendly so that Google can love it
  • We create a unique email address, which is much more trust-inspiring than a Gmail address
  • We promise that your website will always be fresh and up-to-date from here on