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The answer is very simple: by getting to know what you need and what tools I can use to assist you most effectively and get your business over that certain hurdle where it currently stands.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, I can definitely bring some online innovations that will increase your traffic, create loyal customers, double your revenue, or whatever your business requires.

I find it extremely sad that I have to highlight these as my main arguments, but based on my experience in recent years, these have been my most important qualities:

I am a reliable, ethical professional who does not get absorbed, meets deadlines, and is available at any time even after project completion, because I believe that a business relationship should be maintained continuously, not just until the entrepreneur fee is paid.

As I always offer personalised, you will not find exact prices on my site.

I do not work from templates, I do not steal the work of others, and I do not employ skilled professionals from third-world countries with lower wages. The execution of the services I offer is always completely unique, and I myself do it, of which I am proud.

Because of the above, unfortunately, or not, cooperation with me is not in the 50,000 HUF category, but I am also not overpricing my skills, so I have kept within realistic market pricing.

If we work together, I can assure you that your investment will quickly bring back multiple returns, and you can always count on me to give my best knowledge to our project, because it is important that you succeed.

I am Mark Benkovits, a WordPress Expert, web designer, TikTok marketing guru, creative professional, eternal dreamer, and entrepreneur.

No matter what label I am given, I would define myself and my work by saying that I help fellow entrepreneurs ensure their online presence is successful and uncompromising, all through long-term partnerships.

The success of your business measures my success, so first and foremost, we aim to get the most out of you and your business.

I always work creatively, precisely, and quickly. Really.

In every collaboration, I take great care to assess exact needs and ideas, and together we build something that makes a real impact on the market.

As a creative professional, it’s not my job to invent your area of expertise, but it’s my duty to use every tool at my disposal to make your services and products more colourful, interesting, and marketable.

I have been in the profession for 5 years now and I help my entrepreneurial colleagues progress. I am proud to have a diverse portfolio and deliberately excluded specialization from my business ideas, as I did not want to immediately burn out from the 26th website with the same topic.

My references include appearances from businessmen in sports, video games, healthcare, coaching, mobile accessories, gastronomy, and many other industries, so it’s hard to show something that does not have some clever idea behind it.

I can help you with these

What do you need for a successful online presence?

(Or free tips anyway, if you wouldn't work with me...)

The most important thing is to have a well-thought-out strategy. I’m not necessarily talking about a business plan, but rather a theme with which we plan our offline and online presence, client acquisition system, positioning in the market, and accept that we won’t be rich overnight. This will be the zeroth step.

Entrepreneurs who don’t have at least a one-page introduction website in today’s world are on their last legs. No, a Facebook page isn’t enough! It’s cheap, meaningless, untrustworthy, and cannot be taken seriously.

Just as a person can only make a first impression once, our business can only make this impression once to a new visitor, and if they see that we don’t even have a website, they won’t believe that we’re capable of providing high-quality service. This is not a marketing scheme for my own service, but rather a fact that holds true even if you don’t buy anything from me.

For a long time, I didn’t want to accept the fact that being present, active, posting, sharing stories, and so on, was necessary. I thought, in that good Hungarian way, that I would know better. But that didn’t turn out to be the case.

In a world where millions of impulses can reach us in a matter of seconds, it’s very difficult to reach someone’s consciousness. That’s why it’s essential that we do our best to show everyone what we do and why it’s great for others.

There are countless social media platforms, and currently, I believe in TikTok – it’s working for me, and I would suggest it to you as well if we were to have a conversation.

Finally, but not least essential, it is crucial that we build a personal brand. Of course, we can have a fantasy name for our product or service, but people won’t buy that; they will buy us. Specifically, they will honor the trust that we create with them in the form of money.

Entrepreneurs who build a personal brand are the ones who share a little piece of themselves. This is what makes them likable to others and gives them an extra push so that people choose their service, even if the competition offers the same thing for the same price.

Additionally, it is essential to remain authentic and stand up for our own opinions. We should not swap our beliefs just because it’s easy. Losing credibility can happen too quickly, making it hard to regain trust.

This is how we're going to work together

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Don't make your business wait.

Give your business the chance to thrive and open up to a sophisticated, attention-grabbing online presence.

You may think you have time and can manage with a Facebook page and flyers, but believe us, with each passing day, you’re only getting further away from the ideal lifestyle that a business can offer you.

When will we rocket your business?

If you’re not a fan of forms and emailing, just send me a message on WhatsApp or Instagram – whichever is most convenient for you. Here are all my contact details:

Mark Benkovits

WordPress Expert, web designer, sportsmanager

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